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Company History

Mageleka was formally established in 2016 by six experienced entrepeneurs, engineers, and scientists. Their mutual frustration was with the lack of current devices that enable scientists to measure and quantify nanoparticle surfaces as they are formulated and subsequently manufactured, at any industrially-relevant concentration. Mageleka's objective is to address that need.

A provisional patent was filed in July of 2017. A prototype instrument debuted in 2018; and the full patent was filed the same year. The commercial version of the MagnoMeter XRS™ relaxometer was introduced in January of 2019.

Our Vision & Mission

Since its inception, Mageleka has grown significantly. Our mission is to produce exceptional low-field NMR instruments, not only for particle characterization and surface analysis of dispersions, but also emulsions. Our staff has a combined 250 years of professional experience, and includes leading experts in the fields of colloid and surface chemistry, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy, electrical engineering, process control, and technology entrepreneurship. Their collective vision merges technical expertise with proven business talent to produce a uniquely innovative company that truly understands client needs and provides expert advice on all aspects of NMR and its applications.

The MagnoMeter XRS™ relaxometer has a worldwide network of licensed distributors and global personnel in the USA, UK, and Australia.

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